Tooth Fairy e-transfers kid in quarantine 25 cents

PICKERING – The Tooth Fairy , unable to be physically present to exchange baby teeth for loose change due to COVID protocols, has instead sent an e-transfer of 25 cents to Billy McIntosh, age 6.

The Fairy (née Martha Waters) has maintained this childhood tradition for countless centuries, but coronavirus guidelines have made it impossible to invade family homes and slip a few cents under the pillows of sleeping children.

“I consider what I do an essential business, but recent restrictions have made things hard,” the Tooth Fairy explained while dousing a recently-collected batch of teeth in Clorox. “Now I have children mail me their baby teeth, then I wire them a small amount per tooth, and finally I grind their baby molars to dust and sell it to pharmaceutical companies.

Source: Tooth Fairy e-transfers kid in quarantine 25 cents

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