Kelowna – Smarter Than Big Ginger | POWER 104 FM – Dec. 31

Source: Smarter Than Big Ginger | POWER 104 FM

Test your vast knowledge of everything and pit yourself against Power’s resident know-it-all, Big Ginger.

Just let us know what the best time is to reach you between 5:30 and 7:40am plus the best number to reach you and standby to hear from Bob & Big Ginger Monday to Friday to play “Are You Smarter Than Big Ginger?”

While Big Ginger steps out of the Power 104 control room and into Power’s Official Sound Proof Porta Potty, do your best to answer Bob’s 5 questions in 5 seconds for each question.

There are only three rules: you have 5 seconds to say your answer, have fun and no swearing.

We’ll bring Big Ginger back in the room and ask him the same 5 questions.

When you beat him, we’ll set you up with your very own, extremely exclusive “Power 104 – I Am Smarter Than Big Ginger” t-shirts.

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