CA – Golf prizes from – Saturdays to Aug. 15

Source: WIN with Joey Vendetta & Ian Leggatt –

You have a chance to win a ton of RBC Golf prizes courtesy of RBC Off the Tee on the Joey Vendetta show! Each week we’ll let you know what prize you can win! Every other week for the next twelve weeks has a prize up for grabs.

Tune in on Saturdays during RBC Off the Tee from Noon – 3 pm EST and Joey Vendetta & Ian Leggatt will let you know what KEYWORD to text to 590-590 for the chance to win!

Please note: prizes are only available to certain regions each week. Please be sure to double-check that in any given week you are eligible to win based on your location. YOU MUST TEXT IN BEFORE MIDNIGHT THE DAY IT WAS ANNOUNCED IN ORDER TO ENTER.

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